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Luke Tuchscherer


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Luke Tuchscherer has been making noise on the UK Americana scene for some time, firstly as the singing drummer with the highly regarded Whybirds and more recently stepping out from behind the kit to promote his critically acclaimed solo album in 2014, the delicately titled “You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense”.

Having been a part of the extended Clubhouse family over the past couple of years it’s great to formally welcome Luke in to the stable for the much anticipated follow up record, “Always Be True”, which will be available this summer on high quality vinyl, CD and in all the usual digital formats.

You pronounce it TUCK-SHEARER

Luke says…

“I’m very proud of the first album and I was absolutely blown away with the reception it got, but as a performer, I found that I didn’t always want to play some of those songs live. A lot of those tracks only lend themselves to “sit down and shut up” venues, which I love playing, but they’re often hard to find! I wanted to make an album where I could play pretty much every song live – no matter the gig, whether solo or with a band – and I think that’s what we’ve achieved with Always Be True.

There’s also a lot more fresh material on this record. On You Get So Alone… there were songs that I’d had for absolutely years that had never found a home, whereas this record contains numbers written just before we started recording such as “Waiting For My Day to Come”, “Outside, Looking In” and the love songs on side two.

However, there are a couple of songs that have been around since The Whybirds days but never made it to a record, plus some things like “A Song For Jack Brown” and “When The Dream Dies” that had been around for a while longer.

I’m really excited to be working with Clubhouse Records on this release, they’ve got a great roster and I’m very proud to be part of it. “ 


“Luke Tuchscherer knows his way into a good song, and You Get So Alone... is loaded with them. Invoking love, loss and the intricacies of the human condition, Tuchscherer's impassioned vocals and tasteful Americana instrumentation herald him as one of the finer new singer/songwriters of today.“  

Rob Bleetstein, Americana Radio Chart founder 

“As a collection of songs it not only establishes Tuchscherer as someone who can craft and arrange assuredly, but it illustrates just how brilliant a storyteller he is. Tuchscherer’s ability to create such an engaging should ensure that You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense will be a contender for an appearance on any year end list.”

James McCurry, Americana UK (8/10)

“An impressive collection of 12 well-crafted songs… It’s an excellent debut that reminds us of Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker in its thematic and emotional impact – a great compliment indeed.”

Simon Hughes, R2 (Rock N Reel) – (4/5)

“My only excuse for not reviewing this fabulous album sooner is that I was too busy playing it, over and over. This album should be heard and then celebrated.“

Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky – (4/5)

“Americana of the finest kind."

Ctrl. Alt. Country – (4/5)

"A beautiful record.”

Hugo Vogel, – (4/5)

“Totally memorable… Luke Tuchscherer successfully pulls off an impressive and moreish debut.”

Right Chord Music

“Luke is a terrific lyricist who gains a deep sympathy for his songs’ leading characters, although it is not just the power of the lyrics. His warm evocative vocal style has a natural dramatic quality and the arrangements couldn’t really be improved upon. An outstanding album that contains absolutely no filler.”

American Roots UK 

“This record is awash with top notch writing, stellar playing and more importantly connects instantly. The decision made by Luke Tuchscherer to follow his heart and veer down this path has been rewarded with a strong emotive album right at the core of what makes this genre so special. You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense should possess two warnings: not for the faint of heart, but essential for those who know good music.”

Three Chords & The Truth

Check Out Luke’s website for more details:


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