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Case Hardin

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Much-loved UK band Case Hardin, fronted by enigmatic songwriter and vocalist Pete Gow, are set to release their third studio album, PM, on Clubhouse Records on August 26th. A follow up to the acclaimed Every Dirty Mirror released in 2011, PM delivers nine original tracks written by Gow that focus on the lives of dark, troubled souls, whose aspirations have been compromised, either by their own choices or by circumstance. Pitching Gow as narrator, a voice for the underbelly of a corner of society too often ignored.

PM was recorded at Platform Studios in Berkshire by the core band of Tim Emery (bass, mandolin), Andy Bastow (drums) and Jim Maving (guitars) – aided by Mike Wesson (piano/ keyboards) and new full time band member, Hana Piranha (violin, cello) adding a new aural texture to proceedings.

Given the low-key, less rock & roll sound of PM, it’s clear that this is an album more akin, sonically, to the band’s debut, Some Tunes For Charlie Spencer than it’s rockier follow-up. “This is the album I was actually planning on making in 2011 after ‘Charlie’,” reflects Gow. “But I got temporarily distracted by recruiting a fully functioning rock band.”

Written, recorded and sequenced as two individual sides, as it would appear on vinyl, PM was cut in two three-day sessions. Its nine songs are wonderfully evocative, reflective, yet brutally honest, shining a light on life’s complex emotional and social challenges. The trio of songs, “Three Beautiful Daughters” “Lady Hill” and “His God Damn Eyes,” focus primarily on parenthood, both within broken homes and disintegrating relationships. An un-varnished appraisal of subject matter and perspective rarely addressed in song. As Gow notes,

‘Those songs are really important to me, it’s imperative, to me at least, the listener gets over that I’m neither a parent, nor, more importantly, a woman. I know all these women - as individuals, or composite parts of the characters in these songs… aside from the obvious auto- biographical  elements of ‘Lady Hill’, there is a lot more reporting and a lot less storytelling going in those songs than anyone should be totally comfortable with’

A lyricist able to conjure up a visual image so clear and ‘real’ is what makes Gow stand out from the crowd. On ‘Ironbridge,’ a tale of a farrier who supplements his meager income by illegally racing horses, we can almost feel the wind in our hair as he races past, his petite frame atop a galloping steed. Like the brilliant Champeen (Every Dirty Mirror) this is a tale of aspiration and hope amidst the debris of a life where reality, false ideals and broken dreams collide.

Elsewhere, “A Thousand Sides Of Vinyl”, featuring guest vocalist Hannah Elton-Wall from label mates Redlands Palomino Company, is a love song at its core, albeit focusing on a love that when gone leaves you with nothing but memories, bitterness and ultimately deceit.

It kicks out at your heart
It tears your tiny world apart
It’s like they lied in all the pages
Of the books that you have read
And in the grooves of a thousand sides of vinyl

Closer ‘This Ring’ is arguably Case Hardin’s masterpiece to date. The story of a young soldier, fresh from the brutality, uncertainty and mental torture of Afghanistan trying to come to terms with the challenges of returning to everyday life and a girlfriend at the end of her patience. This is a tale that lingers in the mind like one of those great Townes’ songs, continually playing tricks on the listener’s heart and mind until the end becomes agonizingly real.

With PM Case Hardin has delivered what will surely be regarded as one of 2013’s finest albums. A dark, mesmeric masterpiece, this is a record that is brave and poignant, reflective yet real, an honest collection of songs that speak to us all, on one level or another, whatever our situation, and one that underlines in Gow we have a songwriter of incredible talent and in Case Hardin a band at the very top of their game.

UK Dates to be announced shortly.

For more information, tour dates, pics, interview requests or anything else please contact Del at Ark PR on 07759 528 006 or email

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'PM' is the 3rd album from Case Hardin and follows last year's critically accliamed 'Every Dirty Mirror' in establishing the band as one of the leading lights of the UK Americana scene and Pete Gow as a serious song-writing talent.
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