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Paul McClure


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Paul McClure is a singer and songwriter from Rutland, England where he lives with his wife and daughters. He takes his inspiration from his world and the people in it. His next album is due for release in Autumn 2013 on Clubhouse Records.

“I suppose it all began in the back seat with The Beatles. Then it was Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Jonny Cash. My mum was a big Roy Orbison fan and I think John Denver and The Everly Brothers came via her too. By the time I made it into the front seat I was soaking up everything I could lay my ears on - I was into Bob Dylan, The Band and Leonard Cohen with a passion by then as well as the folk revival scene - which pretty much ruined my teenage years at school as it isn't easy being the only 13 year old in your class with a Joan Baez tape in your bag.

Elliott Smith, Ron Sexsmith and Rufus Wainwright all had a instant impact on me and now it's the Felice Brothers, Ryan Adams, Justin Townes Earl and the many musicians I’ve met and played with in the last 5 years or so, people like Otis Gibbs, Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, Case Hardin and The Water Tower Bucket Boys...”

Paul has recorded 2 solo albums of original songs – ‘No Place Like Home’ in 2003 fresh, vibrant and bounds with enthusiasm for his craft.. 4**** “ - Fatea

and ‘Desire Lines’ in 2008. (The completion of this overlapped with the birth of The Hi And Lo leaving it by and large obsolete.)

McClure spent the best part of the last four and a half years playing with The Hi And Lo and put out an album in 2010 called ‘Ten Tracks’

“we recorded it in a day in one take with minimal overdubs; we wanted the live feel we created on stage to come through on the recordings, then set out playing everywhere that would have us, which became almost everywhere, from the London Americana club nights to The Sage, Gateshead and a lot of miles in between. It all slowed down early last year and by Christmas it was time to move on. I already had a notebook full of songs that I'd been working on for a couple of years; some we'd been fumbling through with the band and others I'd kept as not suitable at the time and I've added a few new ones since to form the basis of a solo album...” 

McClure’s time with Clubhouse Records began with a track of his being used on their debut release - ‘Divided By A Common Language’ in 2010 and last year he was involved in ‘Nebraska Sessions – A Tribute’ to mark the 30 year anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’

- Paul McClure used an accordion for the first time on 'My Fathers House' and produced one of the most original takes of anyone”  John Hawes

“I locked myself in my bedroom shortly after my 12th birthday (which coincided with the arrival of my first proper steel strung guitar) and spent a whole day learning to play ‘Blackbird’ while I tried to work out what was going on.. The guitar stayed with me but I’m not sure I worked out what’s really going on...

So, we’re back to playing solo again for the first time in 9 or 10 years, most of the time I feel like next time it won’t be so hard, like I'm struggling to follow the map even though I know where I'm going. I’m relishing the isolation I get playing on stage on my own, until musical differences come between me...”




Smiling From The Floor Up

Paul says “ This album is a collection of songs recorded without the trappings of a band or orchestra. Lightly textured layers with occasional touches of colour here and there. A harmony here, a piano there, a sympathetic slide guitar draped across the shoulders of another. I didn’t want anything to dilute the effect of the song in it’s most honest, vulnerable form. Nothing to hide behind, nothing to run from.”
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Songs For Anyone

Songs For Anyone is the much anticipated follow-up to Paul McClure's 2014 critically acclaimed debut album Smiling From The Floor Up. Featuring the talents of Clubhouse Records label mates Hannah Elton-Wall of the Redlands Palomino Company and Joe Bennett of the Dreaming Spires this new work blends the raw bones of stripped down voice and guitar arrangements with the jangling band ensemble of a room full of good times picking up where the last album left off with the very personal themes of love, life and loss and taking them on to new heights...
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