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Troubadour Rose


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Formed in 2009 Troubadour Rose create a strange and thrilling mix of music that is all at once familiar yet intriguing. Each of the trio’s musical stories breathe subtly between the lines……

Barnsley-born Bryony came to London in 2001. She began writing years earlier, growing up on Fleetwood Mac, Nanci Griffith and PJ Harvey records. These influences are clear in her stunning vocal delivery and exquisite song writing, bringing to mind a young Stevie Nicks.

Lizzy O’Connor hails from the North East steeped in traditional Irish music and travelling the world with raucous ceilidh bands. She wields her unique style - delicate harmonies, banjo and mandolin hooks – to stunning effect in Troubadour Rose.

Gary, a talented violinist who has toured globally with subversive pop/jazz band The Real Tuesday Weld and Klezmer outfit Beskydy, brings a kaleidoscopic and often unhinged element to the group, developing its wild and unpredictable edge.

Bold sumptuous melodies, Irish sessions and smoky mountain harmonies; their sound will leave you all set for the unravelling and longing for more. 


NME “Troubadour Rose is your next burgeoning folk crush. Think Noah and the Whale without the occasional cringe-worthy angst, or Light speed Champion with Joni Mitchell on lead vocals, but with a heart so deeply rooted in traditional English folk they'd probably slap us silly for both of those comparisons. Check out Labour of Love on their MySpace and try not to swoon into a coma.”

Paul Weller “Love the songs, great band, good luck!”

Pete Wilkinson – Manager/Producer – Amy Macdonald “Troubadour Rose are one of the most promising bands to come out of England in the last few years. Their talent as great musicians and their knack for writing a hook makes them a definite band to watch. They supported Amy on her last tour, and were received fantastically well, good luck guys.”

Gaz Cobain/Brian Dougans - Producers – Noel Gallagher “Bryony and Lizzy have added a new dimension of vocals to our latest production. Completely enchanting and wonderful.”



Find An Arrow

We are very proud that Troubadour Rose have released their fantastic debut album 'Find An Arrow' on Clubhouse Records. A combination of bold sumptuous melodies, Irish sessions and smoky mountain harmonies; their sound will leave you all set for the unravelling and longing for more.
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