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Broken Carelessly

"Broken Carelessly" is the fourth full studio album by The Redlands Palomino Company, a collection of songs that many are touting as their best yet! 

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Smiling From The Floor Up

Paul says “ This album is a collection of songs recorded without the trappings of a band or orchestra. Lightly textured layers with occasional touches of colour here and there. A harmony here, a piano there, a sympathetic slide guitar draped across the shoulders of another. I didn’t want anything to dilute the effect of the song in it’s most honest, vulnerable form. Nothing to hide behind, nothing to run from.”

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Find An Arrow

We are very proud that Troubadour Rose have released their fantastic debut album 'Find An Arrow' on Clubhouse Records. A combination of bold sumptuous melodies, Irish sessions and smoky mountain harmonies; their sound will leave you all set for the unravelling and longing for more.

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pm cover art


'PM' is the 3rd album from Case Hardin and follows last year's critically accliamed 'Every Dirty Mirror' in establishing the band as one of the leading lights of the UK Americana scene and Pete Gow as a serious song-writing talent.

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leeroy stagger cover

Truth Be Sold

Leeroy Stagger to release 8th studio album “Truth Be Sold” produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.

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The Cedars Little Copper Still Cover Art.jpg

Little Copper Still

*The Cedars* combine raucous Folk-Americana with dark, menacing blues and the occasional heart-stopping ballad to produce heady, intoxicating music. On *April 8th* their much-anticipated debut album, *Little Copper Still* will be released on Clubhouse Records.

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Brothers In Brooklyn

Brothers In Brooklyn - The Dreaming Spires

*BROTHERS IN BROOKLYN   (Including FREE signed, ltd edition 7” Vinyl Single of “Everything All The Time” B/W “In Our Lifetimes” )*

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CD cover

Ten Tracks

'Ten Tracks' is Leicester based The Hi and Lo's debut album and get's it's full release through Clubhouse Records on 28th March 2011.

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Divided By A Common Language Album Cover

Divided by a Common Language

Clubhouse Records first offering was a compilation by the name of "Divided By A Common Language - A Collection of UK Americana" which was released in March 2010 to critical acclaim. The album features 15 of the best UK based Americana acts on the circuit today including; Alan Tyler, Redlands Palomino Company, Two Finders of Firewater, The Cedars, The Hi and Lo, Southern Tennant Folk Union and The Dreaming Spires.

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two fingers of firewateralbum cover

Two Fingers of Firewater

At the back end of 2007 Two Fingers of Firewater spent the winter locked away in their own studio, a converted chiller unit of a local strawberry farm, rehearsing and recording eleven original numbers as well as the traditional bluegrass song 'Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down' which make up the bands’ debut album.

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Songs to listen to

Songs To Listen To

Songs To Listen To is the second album from Two Fingers of Firewater, the genre wary five-piece who wrote, recorded, and mixed the tracks from their steadily evolving rural studio. It was produced by Spencer Cullum (Caitlin Rose, Ryan O' Reilly Band) and Joe Harding. The album weaves a rich tapestry of wonderfully crafted, hook-ridden songs and follows a natural progression from their rootsier eponymous titled debut, (Two Fingers Of Firewater, 2008). Setting its sights on new musical horizons and stretching out sonically, all members contribute songs, ideas and influence here. Songs To Listen To is the result of five musicians and two young producers combining creative abandon and lo-fi studio ingenuity with fearless conviction.

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dont fade album cover

Don't Fade

The UK s finest purveyors of beautifully crafted country rock, The Redlands Palomino Company, return after a four year hiatus with the eagerly awaited and utterly brilliant new album, Don t Fade. With the husband-and-wife partnership of Hannah and Alex Elton-Wall once again to the fore on nine new tracks alongside a sublime cover of The Dillards classic One A.M., Don t Fade will delight the band's countrywide fanbase and undoubtedly entice new listeners alike to the sounds of one of the UK s most treasured groups.

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Dreaming Spires Everything All the Time A2

"Everything All The Time" Ltd Edition 7" Vinyl Single b/w "In Our Lifetimes"

"Everything All The Time" Ltd Edition 7" Vinyl Single b/w "In Our Lifetimes" - produced by Sam Williams

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Every Dirty Mirror

Every Dirty Mirror - Available Now - £8.99

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Brothers In Brooklyn4

Brothers In Brooklyn – The Dreaming Spires (12” Vinyl LP)

Deluxe limited edition 180 gsm virgin vinyl, with beautiful full-size cover art by Ben Pritchard, lovingly laid-out by Trevor Moss. Limited to 200 copies.

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