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Brothers In Brooklyn – The Dreaming Spires (12” Vinyl LP)

Brothers In Brooklyn4
Album Description

Deluxe limited edition 180 gsm virgin vinyl, with beautiful full-size cover art by Ben Pritchard, lovingly laid-out by Trevor Moss. Limited to 200 copies.

Available from The Clubhouse Records website and a few specially selected independent retailers at £15.99

Track listing

Side One

1)    Singing Sin City

2)    Everything All the Time

3)    Not Every Song From the Sixties Is A Classic

4)    Look At the Stars (they’re really out tonight)

5)    Laughing And Dancing

6)    Cathie (Carry On)

Side Two

7)    Brothers In Brooklyn

8)    Woman That You Are

9)    Just Can’t Keep The Feeling In

10)  Strength Of Strings

11)  The Dream Inspires

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