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Every Dirty Mirror

Album Description

Every Dirty Mirror - Available Now - £8.99

Every Dirty Mirror follows on from Case Hardin's much acclaimed 2007 album, Some Tunes For Charlie Spencer, which Maverick Magazine decreed "pumps with the headaches of broken hearts and empty bottles" . 

Formed in 1999, Case Hardin have seen a revolving door of contributors used essentially as the outlet for Gow's tales of sorrow, heartache, and flirtations with life's darkside. For Every Dirty Mirror Gow has settled on a firm and focused line-up who are drilled and driven for the project. Joined by relative newcomers Jim Maving and Tim Emery, and marking the return of original Case Hardin drummer and founding member Andy Bastow alongside regular contributor Adam Kotz, it's clear that here we have a bunch of musicians comfortable in each others skins both on record and in the live arena. 

Written and recorded in the summer of 2010, Every Dirty Mirror, like it s predecessor, was conceived and sequenced as two old sides of vinyl, the first of which and fuller sounding assault whilst the second hints at a more contemplative side of the band. From the opening You Never Seem Game For Very Long , echoing Waits in style and grit, we move quickly into the glorious country-driven guitar rock of A Lullaby (of sorts) , all chiming chords and harmonious melody with Jim Maving s electric guitars conjuring up all the finesse and finery of prime time Burritos swagger and killer riffs. The quirky, sing-along ease of Where Angels Fear To Tread plays the perfect foil to the equally infectious and immediate roots pop finery of First To Know . Here is a band that knows how to write (and deliver!) great songs that are both immediate yet absorbing. As we move into the second side of the album Gow allows his melancholic side a free reign. The epic Champeen the battle cry of an aging yet unflinching prize fighter is as good a country ballad as you are ever likely to hear whilst First Steps Out Of The City echoes Dylans Desire period in both scope and atmosphere and marks out Gow as one of our finest storytelling songwriters.

Track listing

1. You Never Seem Gone for Very Long
2. A Lullaby ( ... of Sorts)
3. Where Angels Fear to Tread
4. First to Know
5. Are Those Really the Miles?
6. Falling Down Around Me
7. Champeen
8. A Day At the Races
9. First Steps Out of the City
10. Old Wooden Pews
11. Tiano Sands

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