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Album Description

'PM' is the 3rd album from Case Hardin and follows last year's critically accliamed 'Every Dirty Mirror' in establishing the band as one of the leading lights of the UK Americana scene and Pete Gow as a serious song-writing talent.

"As good as the playing is - and there is not a better band in the UK today - it is Gow's nuanced writing on PM that truly sets Case Hardin apart…"
John Hawes, FATEA Magazine

''...the songs are mostly excellent: real-life narratives ex ploring authentic sentiments. Worthy of your attention.''
The Independant ****

Track listing

1     Dayside
2     Three Beautiful Daughters
3     Ironbridge
4     Lady Hill
5     His God Damn Eyes
6     Dragging The River
7     Mara
8     A Thousand Sides Of Vinyl
9     This Ring


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