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Two Fingers of Firewater

two fingers of firewateralbum cover
Album Description

At the back end of 2007 Two Fingers of Firewater spent the winter locked away in their own studio, a converted chiller unit of a local strawberry farm, rehearsing and recording eleven original numbers as well as the traditional bluegrass song 'Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down' which make up the bands’ debut album.

'Endless Highway' is a slice of early 70 s country rock, 'The Night Ends' a jangly guitar-driven account of another hazy night in the pool-hall while 'South Bank Girl' features duelling Fender Rhodes and distorted steel guitar. The album ends with the beautiful lament ‘The World Can Turn’ which features on the Clubhouse Records compilation ‘Divided By A Common Language’.

Two Fingers of Firewater were formed in 2005 by founding band members Jon Clake (guitar/vocals), Tom Harding (bass/vocals) and Alex Chappelow (pedal steel/guitar/mandolin). By mid-2007 the line-up was complete with the addition of Stephen Price (keyboards) and James Sacha (drums). The band have since toured the country with the likes of the Deadstring Brothers and pedal steel legend Al Perkins, played a number of festivals including Maverick and Truck and in February 2011 were in session with Bob Harris.

Track listing

1. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down/Bandit
2. Endless Highway
3. Lonely (And the Rest)
4. South Bank Girl
5. The Night Ends
6. B Mando
7. Trombone #1
8. I'm Not Sad
9. The Beginning
10. The End
11. The World Can Turn


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